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The importance of an excellent logo cannot be overstated. After all, it has a tough job to do. As the cornerstone of corporate branding, it must quickly communicate the name and nature of an enterprise. It creates the perception of credibility, stability, and professionalism.

There are graphic considerations, too. A good logo is powerful—able to stand out, even in a cluttered environment. It is legible at any size. It looks great in black and white or in color. It is memorable.

That's a lot to ask of any design, especially one so deceptively simple. Yet, many new businesses are hesitant to have a professional design their logo, opting instead to "wait until they get started." This may seem like a prudent idea from a cash-flow perspective. However, it makes winning new clients that much more difficult. With more than half of new businesses failing in the first few years, choosing to wait could be a far more costly decision.

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