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HRTS Car Show Flyer

Just because a design has a low budget doesn't mean it has to be low impact. This letter-size black and white flyer for the annual Hazleton Rapid Transit System car show got the word on the street using high contrast graphics and bold typography.

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Frank Barbera Photography Brochure

Frank Barbera knows the importance of presentation. After all, he's been photographing elegant weddings in the Philadelphia area for years. He chose Shipe Design to give his business an all-new look, including a full color tri-fold brochure, newspaper advertising, and custom-embossed business cards.

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Bayhealth – Dr. Danikas Billboard

New billboards were designed to promote the services of Dr. Dimitrios Danikas, Bayhealth's Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon. The sleek, upscale look appeals to the Doctor's clientele in Delaware's affluent beach resort areas.

Passon Performance Flyers

Passon Performance needed to promote two innovative new transmission designs. Shipe Design produced these full color flyers to help spread the word at the annual SEMA convention in Las Vegas.

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Print is not dead. We can prove it.

From the moment your customer comes in contact with your printed documents they begin to form ideas about your company. As a designer, it's my duty to convey your message in every font, color, image, graphic, and texture they experience.

Tell me what you need, and we can work up a custom solution that perfectly meets your needs and budget.

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Graphic Design of:

  • Logos
  • Advertisements
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures/Pamphlets
  • Direct Mail
  • Doorhangers
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Reports
  • Folders
  • Labels
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Slide Shows/PowerPoint Presentations
  • Vehicle Wraps


  • It's what you get for your dollar.
  • It's what your customers expect from you.
  • It's what Shipe Design can create for you.

It's easy to make a big splash with an unlimited budget. Unfortunately, most of us aren't lucky enough to be in that situation. That's why it's important to have a designer that understands how to squeeze the most value from your investment. Creative use of imagery, graphics, materials, and production methods can help even your most basic documents enhance your company's image.


It pays to have the right tool for the job. I use a combination of the very latest harware and software to create my designs. This enhances efficiency, which reduces development time and saves you money. It also means you get the best quality product possible.

However, a tool is only as good as the person using it. Simply put, I take pride in the quality of my work because I rely on my reputation to earn business. So, you can be sure that your job—no matter how small—will receive my full attention.


More than a decade of print production experience ensures you'll recieve top-notch professional service. I have worked extensively with clients in the retail, healthcare and transportation industries; and I apply that knowledge to every job. 

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